uv air filter

UVC Filter System

Lots of smoke is generated during the cooking process such as char-grilling, the use of an industrial electronic air cleaner or electrostatic precipitator (EP) we recommend UVC filter for the solution

Ozone is produced by UVC lamps while not the Titanium Dioxide coating that attenuates frequencies lower than 200 nanometers. At the 187 nm line, it breaks oxygen apart to create two unstable 0 that in the flip fuse with another O2 to form O3. Ozone may be a powerful oxidant and very effective germicidal agent which destroys organic molecules in the air plus grease and oil from kitchen exhaust. It includes a terribly short lifespan and in ambient temperatures, it will only last twenty to thirty minutes before it returns to normal oxygen O2. UVC Ozone is additionally a scientific breakthrough in odor and grease management, the most effective technique known these days for eliminating unpleasant odors, grease and oil mist in processing areas.