Carbon Air Filter

Carbon Air Filter

A particulate Air Filter is a device consists of hard materials which remove solid particulates such as pollen, mold, dust and bacteria from the air. Our Air Filters have been guaranteeing clean and refresh indoor air for many years. These types of filters are most suited for medical industries.

Carbon air filter is used for air filtration. It is a unique method of filtering impurities, other harmful contaminants from the air. Our Carbon Filters consist of an expanding foam disk for guaranteeing that it is packed safely while not any leaks. These Carbon Filters could work with any fan for any sized room. Odor neutralization by activated carbon filters consisting of the following element that can use to eliminate foul odors from your home or business caused by smoke or hearth to shield activated carbon filters, pre-filters should be fit.

Benefits of carbon air filter –

Carbon air filter removes odours
It can be used as industrial air purifiers for Siloxanes, hydrogen sulphide from biogas etc